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Benefit Business Solutions Ltd. The Benefit is all Yours!

Benefit Business Solutions Ltd. The Benefit is all Yours!

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Benefit Business Solutions Ltd. is a Gibraltar based business & strategic consulting firm, committed to delivering innovative, value-added solutions to our clients.

Our boutique, tailor made approach ensures that our clients benefit from:

  •   Highly specialised advice that addresses their specific needs;
  •   Unparalleled quality of service, focus and attention;
  •   Years of professional experience, industry know-how and thought leadership;
  •   Comparatively more cost effective and affordable service;
  •   Our network of contacts, spanning both local and international experts, to deliver a comprehensive solution.


We assist both corporates and individuals in making financial and business decisions and are passionate about working with our clients to create impact and deliver on our promise.

Relocation is in our Blood!

Having moved with our family to Gibraltar from Israel, 10 years ago, we know exactly what newcomers to Gibraltar are going through: the dilemmas, challenges, and uncertainties. Moreover, we work together with relocation experts around the world, giving an end-to-end solution.


Your Relocation Means the World to Us!

Bringing over employees from other countries is not a simple task for Gibraltar based Corporates. Gibraltar is a small and very often unfamiliar place for many prospective employees, making the entire relocation proposition a relatively “hard sell”. Many people may know what to expect when relocating to places like Paris, New York, or Berlin, but Gibraltar is a complete enigma for them.

A failed international relocation is likely to have a devastating impact on the employee, the employee’s family and a huge cost to the employer itself. Yet, 70% of failed relocations are due to employee or family member not settling well in the new place.

With HR personnel busy over their heads and often stretched to their limits, dedicating the necessary time and attention to newly relocating employees is usually not possible, leaving the employees to struggle on their own in settling in a new country, with the consequent loss of productivity in the initial months.

Why use our Relocation Management Services?

  •   We take off the work load from your HR Department, dealing with the tedious and time consuming struggles of your relocating employees;
  •   We give a VIP relocation treatment to your relocating and prospective employees, making sure they always have someone to turn to if in need;
  •   We “sell” Gibraltar to prospective employees in a convincing and objective way;
  •   We help your employees to focus on their new role as soon as they arrive;
  •   We minimise the risk of failed relocations.


Relocation Packages

We offer unique relocation packages, tailor-made to fit each employee and their family – because every relocation is different!


Pre-Relocation Advisory Package (per Employee/Family)

  •   Dedicated Relocation consultant assigned to the individual/family;
  •   Comprehensive pre-arrival needs analysis;
  •   Orientation tour of Gibraltar by Relocation consultant;
  •   Cost of living and personal taxation calculations;
  •   Regular on-going communication pre-visit including sample properties and information on different areas (in Spain and Gibraltar).

Work Permits & Immigration Services Package

Assistance with obtaining Work Permits and Gibraltar Residency and liaising with the Department of Employment and Civil Status and Registration Office:

  •   Application for Work Permit
  •   Application for Gibraltar Residency (for each employee and dependents)
  •   Application for Special Tax Residency Status (Category 2 Residency and HEPPS Residency)

New Arrival Relocation Services Package

  •   Dedicated Relocation consultant assigned to the individual/family;
    •   Orientation tour of Gibraltar by Relocation consultant;
    •   Assistance with finding accommodation and liaising with estate agents;
    •   Assistance with Civil Registration Office and Immigration Services for ID Cards, Visas, Health Cards etc.; NIE registrations in Spain;
  • Explanation of schools and education system and advice on compatible educational options. Optional: Accompanied visits to selected schools and or nurseries;
  •  Information on public and private health options for employee and family members;
  •   Assistance with opening personal bank accounts;
    •   Customs Clearance and Shipping agents;
    •   Assistance with connection of utilities;
    •   Ongoing support for partner and family after the move;
    •   Assistance with Vehicle importation, Gib driving licence, Spanish Trafico administration, Spanish driving licence exchange;
  • Special Needs, Pets and bespoke services.

Spouse/Partner & Family Relocation Assistance Package


The Number 1 reason for failed relocation assignment according to 71% of Corporates is an unhappy, unintegrated spouse in the host location.

At Benefit Business Solutions, your employees’ significant others are significant to us too! Our Relocation Assistance services include a Relocation Hotline open to employees and their relocating family members, as well as:

  •   Spouse and family members’ consultation regarding the relocation decision- making even before moving to Gibraltar (we know how best to “sell” Gibraltar) and understanding the spouse needs;
  •   Orientation tours of Gibraltar
  •   Assistance with schooling/nursery placement
  •   Introduce your employee’s partners to social and expatriate groups
  •   Help spouses find new employment with CV and skill reviews, and interview preparation
  • Assistance with Work Permit for Spouse and other family members of you employee
  • Provide access to further education, English/Spanish Language courses
  •  Provide access to Voluntary programmes in cases where immigration rules prohibit the employment of spouses or spouses have no desire to work.

Group Relocation Workshop for Prospective Relocations or Newly Relocating Employees

Should you have several prospective relocating employees, newly relocating arrivals or even employees who have relocated several months ago (up to 1 year), we can provide a Relocation Workshop in Gibraltar or abroad, giving them a smooth move!

The 4 Hours Relocation Workshop will cover the following:

  •  Gibraltar Must Do On Arrival (action items and priorities);  
  • Settling in and the first few months;
  • Living in Spain vs Gibraltar (Pros & Cons of each place);  
  • Cost of Living Overview;
  • Spouse and other Family Members settling-in tips;
  • One-on-One private consultation session for each participant

All the above relocation packages can also be supplemented by giving copies of Ayelet’s book Relocation Darling Relocation! to your relocating employees. Retail price £20.




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